It’s time that we revolutionize the way we drink. We only use real ingredients, real tea, and real milk. That means no artificial flavors (powders & syrups), no high fructose corn syrup (we make our own simple cane syrup), no artificial food coloring (vegan friendly), and no artificial non-dairy creamer powder. We live by one rule and one rule only, Always Keepin’ It Real.

Real Milk Options: Straus Organic Milk, Oatly Oat Milk, Califia Almond Milk, & Longevity Condensed Milk.


Yes, you read it right. 90% of all our teas are made fresh to order. We use a revolutionary Tea Press Machine which is similar to the Espresso Machine but is made specifically for tea. With this we are able to consistently brew each cup of iced tea.

Do you use Loose Leaf Tea? The answer to that question is, YES. The tea we use are from Premium Loose Leaf Tea that is grounded up for the use in our Tea Press Machine. Just like how we grind up coffee beans for Espresso, we grind it up so that our machine is able to do its job perfectly.


We decided to dedicate an entire menu of drinks that were inspired by the different cultures & all the different boba tea shops around the world. We want to use our drinks to bring people together. What better way than by sharing a piece of the different cultures in each cup. What we are going for is Culturally Unique Drinks.


We take our Matcha seriously. We only use the best of the best. We don’t want to bag on anyone but majority of places that serve matcha use very low quality matcha or 3 in 1 matcha powder ( which means it has sugar, creamer, & low grade matcha).

What is so different about our Matcha? We use 100% Premium Ceremonial Grade Japanese Matcha…and it’s ORGANIC *wow emoji*. The process that goes into the production of our matcha is a whole lot of TLC (Tender Loving Care). It’s made from young green tea leaves that are handpicked vs machine harvested (contains stems and all the bad parts). It is then put in Granite Stone grinders which help keep all the good flavors in rather than commercial steel grinder where it produces all the unpleasant flavors you don’t want.


All our coffee is brewed traditionally through a Vietnamese Steel Coffee Drip Filter. A fusion between a pour over and a coffee press. What goes into these little bad boys are 100% Arabica Beans that are roasted dark. Our coffee always comes out bold and strong, Then we add a little condensed milk to give it a smooth & rich finish. Add a crap ton of ice and Voila! Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee (Ca Phe Sua Da).

It doesn’t stop there. We also incorporate our iced coffee with our tea which is inspired by the cafes in Hong Kong known as Ying Yang Milk Tea (Coffee Milk Tea). Tea and Coffee are the most consumed beverages in the world, so why not put them together.